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Artistic creations for lighting design

Skills and experience gained through the collaboration with Florentine masters allows The Due Effe lampadari to transmit divine emotions and feelings to those who are keen on high quality products and to those who are familiar with the beauty of the Florentine handicraft.

The expertise matured in the many years of work, the continous research of innovative solutions and the experimenting of new formal experiences, the Due Effe proposes as leader in the production sector of chandeliers, lights, up-right lamps, wall lights, small furniture, paintings and decorative objects.

This art is in continous evolution, as like man, in constant change, for this reason the Due Effe, avails itself of the cooperation of expert designers that allow to make, by request of the most pretentious client, personalised and exclusive models.


a constantly growing company that has been able to renew itself over the years

the work of hands

We make use of expert hands to mass produce and handcraft custom products.

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